Leucadia Dry Beach Forecast

The dry beach width is forecasted for 3 locations at Leucadia State Beach shown in the map below. Mapped location numbers correspond to the forecast plots below. Colors represent the relative width of the dry beach where blue represents a narrow beach, and tan/yellow represents a wide beach.

The plot shows the forecasted high water line (blue line on map and plot) in reference to the back of the beach (red line on the map, 0 m on the plot). The black vertical line represents the current time. The intersection of the black line (current time) and blue line (high water line) indicates the estimated dry beach width at the current time. The dry beach forecast uses our most recent beach survey data which may not represent current conditions. The date of the beach survey being used is shown on the plot.

The current plot extent shows one forecasted day while clicking the 'ALL DATA' button shows the next 6 days of forecast.