Holden Leslie-Bole


Graduate Student

Research Interests

  • Beach erosion and recovery, sediment modeling, and flood prediction
  • Remote sensing, numerical modeling, and machine learning
  • Coastal resilience and climate justice

Holden Leslie-Bole is a physical oceanography PhD student at SIO with an interest in coastal dynamics and geomorphology. He is currently using sediment transport models, satellite imagery, and LiDAR surveys to understand patterns of beach erosion and recovery in order to help coastal communities with adaptation efforts. Holden’s previous research experiences include modeling of AMOC variability and remote sensing of carbon monoxide production from forest fires. Before coming to Scripps, he worked in international climate policy and capacity development. Holden has a B.S. in Geology & Geophysics and Mechanical Engineering from Yale and an M.S. in Oceanography from Scripps. In his free time, he can be found cycling, skiing, camping, and baking bread.



Contact Information


  • B.S., Geology & Geophysics and Mechanical Engineering, Yale University, 2018
  • M.S., Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, 2022